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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 151

Thoughts: The brain dead generation? Sceptism or realism?

Diana Mitchell was the fight choreographer for the “The Man In The Maze” and has worked in the film industry in fight and stunts for many years including “Kalifornia” with Brad Pitt. I had the privilege in chatting with her about the Earth Diet and the new generation.

What is your philosophy on eating?
Everything natural, no preservatives, no chemicals, if it wasn’t on the earth 200 years ago I don’t eat it. I have been living like this for at least 10 years. I’m allergic to chemicals and preservatives, wheat, dairy, peanuts and potatoes. I didn’t know I was allergic as a kid so I kept eating it and kept getting sick. People should know that chemicals are there and the side effects it can cause, especially in this country where they don’t want you to know, they are just going to the next generation. I’m scared for my niece and nephew. They don’t eat real food. My nephew has never eaten a raw food and he’s about to turn 6.

Why don’t they tell people?
People don’t care. It’s lazy and too much money in this industry.

Do you think it will go back natural for example how it was 200 years ago?
No it will get worse. Worse unless...I don’t think there is an end to it, that will be the means to the end of this country. This country will be destroyed within itself. Self destruct. We have become such a consumer country.

Until people care nothing good will happen. There is only a handful of people right now that do care.

You become brain dead and when you eat all these chemicals it dulls your senses. I look at food as medicine. And it doesn’t matter what religion you follow everything is out on this earth that you need so why would you want to create a chemical anything?

Chinese believe there is a cure for everything and that we make ourselves sick and that we can cure ourselves too.

What’s something a lot of people don’t know about?
DNA. We have been putting human DNA in vegetables and fruits since the 80’s in USA and in Scotland since the 60’s. They think they can make tomatoes survive better and they become more tolerant to weather. If it’s more human like it can survive better, is their thinking. I don’t see playing god, we can’t do better than god. And it’s making people sick and it’s killing people. I only eat organic. I would rather go hungry than eat food that has been touched. I use the whiteout idea, I don’t eat anything white. Sugars, flours, breads and rice are out.

I start the day with green tea and ginseng, I eat lots of fresh fruits and have 5-6 meals a day consisting mostly of raw foods. I also eat organic brown rice, and vegetables, authentic Japanese soy products, miso.

I don’t push it on anyone; everyone finds what works for them.

Does it make you mad the amount of chemicals in the foods?
I almost panic and want to tell everyone but I can’t.

There are a lot of overweight people here in the USA and I noticed in NYC there are hardly any obese people. Mississippi is the fattest state in the country and now the government has enforced obesity tax. Which I don’t think will stop them, the people that eat junk will keep buying it regardless of the price increase. They need to stop making it. I think the government wants to make money off it or if they really wanted to reduce obesity, they would stop making it.

The more poor they are the more junk they eat. Junk food is so cheap. Food Inc doco exposes the food industry. There was a couple other docos that got started in Atlanta and most were shut down, the manufactures and governments shut them down.

It’s beginning to look like a sci-fi movie. Our food IS being poisoned.

You can’t trust your own government and that’s scary.

There is more death attributed to obesity than any other deaths. Most diseases are heart disease, disease and cancer.

Someone asked me a dumb question once “don’t you ever cheat?” I replied with “cheat on who? Myself?! Haaa!

Real food tastes sooo good, fruits and vegetables taste so good! And people don’t know how good it tastes; they have never eaten it before without putting chemicals and things on it. If only they knew. I was eating broccoli last night and my brother came in and said aren’t you going to put something on that? and I’m like WHY???

A organic lifestyle keeps Diana Mitchell mentally and physically fit!

Challenges: The goverment label obesity tax on foods (a new system in USA) and we think they are actually doing something good but if you look into more, we would think, why don’t they just stop making junk food all together? Are they really concerned with obesity? To me it seems if they actually cared if people are dying from disease cancers and obesity they would stop making it all together. They are just making money off the fat people who they made fat in the first place.

Triumphs: I absolutely agree with Dianna, I would rather go hungry than eat something that has been touched. And that is a huge commitment, it is challenging especially at airports where there is nothing, it requires total preparation and commitment. Totally worth it.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: strawberries. walnuts. chocolate balls on my way to set to film "Quaterlifers".

Lunch: a avocado with walnuts. carrots. a mango.

Dinner: A lobster. Raw cauliflower in olive oil and red capsicun.

Dessert: 3 nectarines. Chocolate balls with walnuts.

Snacks: Walnuts. 1/2 Avocado. 2 apples.

Recipe: Chocolate Balls recipe blog Day 115

Exercise: Working on the film set of "Quaterlifers", absolutely one of the BEST sets I have been on ;) loving the energy! Thankyou cast and crew especially Adam Fortner for being alive, passionate and bold! Search "Quarterlifers" - The Movie on Facebook :)

214 days to go!!!

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  1. Thank You Liana for telling the world about the Dangers in our Food. You are truly the Bravest and most Caring person I know.

    Diana Mitchell