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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My eating day in NYC today!

Hey guys!

How is everyone?! I hope well and everyday moving towards healthy! A great realization I had today is that we feel anxious if in the background we know we should be doing something, but we don't do it, and so stress and anxiety are good indicators that we need to take action in that particular area! Once we take the first step, we start to feel much better.

So I started my morning with lemon water to alkalize my body mmm refreshing!

Then I had my favorite berry smoothie with cacao and almond butter mmm yum! Recipe here:

Then I replied to quite a few emails, and then had a business coaching call, followed by an analyst meeting. I am quite aware of my gift as a natural healer and recipe creator, however the business side of things I am definitely learning and growing a lot - becoming the best business woman I can be - while staying true to the laws of nature of course!

After my meetings I went to One Lucky Duck where I got the Peanut Butter Cup Cake! It is raw of course and so divine! Having my cake and eating it too! 

I bumped into health coach goddess Amanda! I hope to welcome her as a new Earth Diet Health Coach soon! She specializes in really taking care of oneself - like really taking care! 

Then I went to Wholefoods Columbus Circle where I had a green juice and met with Bryan the founder of Mind Of Matter organization! Bryan was in a comma for 3 months and had severe brain damage to which he has now healed from! Now he runs marathons! Before meeting me he was speaking to patients at a hospital inspiring them to what is possible with their healing.

I met Bryan at Pier 25 when playing Beach Volley Ball on the first day of summer with for ABC News weather chick Amy Freeze!

Then we walked through Central Park, mmm the lungs of NYC! I made sure to take big deep breaths :) when I got back in the evening I did an hour of intuitive body work, stretching and working out the parts of my body that wanted attention, nourishment and healing!

Then wow what a reward to eat dinner after all that! I had a bowl of roasted cauliflower, just plain roasted cauliflower with a dash of salt, pepper and turmeric. Then I had 3 pieces of organic rye bread with organic peanut butter! Guess it was a peanut butter type of day! Protein!

So overall my day ended up to be quite colorful with the
Yellow: lemon water
Purple: berry smoothie
Brown: chocolate cupcake
Green: Green juice
Orange: Peanut Butter on toast
White: cauliflower

I also had a good mixture of raw and cooked foods today. Everything was plant based today, totally vegan.

Feeling nourished guys! Let me know how you are doing!

125 days to book launch!!! 

Love Liana

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