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Thursday, June 19, 2014

For the burger and beer lovers in Denver, Colorado!

There is a reason why I ate at this place 3 days in a row while I was recently in Denver, Colorado USA! It's called the 5280 Burger Bar, and if you are like me and want to include burgers and beer in your lifestyle, this is a MUST when visiting Colorado AND it's totally Earth Diet approved! 

Check out their AWESOME MISSION STATEMENT! "Our Mission is to serve you the freshest all natural ingredients available. We make our buns & churn our ice cream from scratch every day right there in the store. We only serve the finest Colorado Beef never ever treated with hormones or antibiotics. & our produce is selected from the finest local & regional farms."

There is a promise to all of us who are living in this day and age, that we CAN have our cake AND eat it too! But what about burgers? Can we actually have those also?!!!  The answer is yes. 

Happy with this burger!
There is a reason why a huge amount of the population love to eat burgers - because they taste so so so good! But what if the burger is made of a meat patty from a tortured animal who was fed GMOS and injected with hormones? What if the bread bun is made of refined bleached white flour? What if the ketchup is sweetened with corn cyrus? GROSSSS and no matter how good the burger may taste at that point, we would have to suffer the consequences of trying to digest all that rubbish! Well there is no need to have a burger that is loaded with toxic chemicals! The answer to our dilemma is places like the new 5280 Burger Bar!

Free range and organic beef from Colorado, no antibiotics, no hormones!
Locally sourced fries and in house made ketchup - no corn syrup!
No filter.

There is no need to deprive our body of what we really want to eat and let's face it - we live a short life - and some of us want to enjoy a great guilt-free burger! Imagine getting to the end of your life and regretting not having tasted the foods you really wanted to taste. We don't need to be in fear that our burgers are going to kill us, we can live a healthy life AND include burgers in it! Vegans hate me at this point. Well this is not for the vegans. Don't let vegans bully you into feeling guilty about what you are eating. We all require different experiences. This is for the people like me who want to be healthy but who also want to upgrade by eating an organic burger. You can remember the 5280 Burger Bar by thinking you could still be eating organic burgers, wings and beer when you are 52 and also when you are 80! 52-80! 5280 Burger Bar!

They have mastered the wings!
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Another flavor wings with fries and their own made sauces.
No filter.
This place was easy to find, and I have to share this with you! Yum I am getting hungry just writing about it again! So as soon as I landed at the airport I googled "Organic Burgers Denver Colorado" and it stood out to me immediately because I saw "No hormones, no antibiotics". As soon as we see that we know 'they get it'. So I checked it out. I was looking for a place that practiced sustainability, and used organic and local ingredients. I soon read that their meat is sourced from free range animals who eat organic feed in Colorado - local. Then this was a huge BONUS - they make their own fresh ketchup / none of that gross corn syrup stuff! And let me tell you their homemade stuff is AHMAZING! - They even bake their own fresh bread rolls!!! 

They bake fresh bread rolls in house daily!

- That's not all they make in house, get this - They churn their own ice cream fresh every day!!!  - OMG they even have organic free range wings!!! I am totally in love with wings, thank you USA!  - They also offer local organic beer - my alcoholic beverage of choice is tequila so I enjoyed a couple shots of this! - when at the 5280 Burger Bar of course! ;)  

Meet Jessica who churns the ice cream daily and makes new flavors all the time!
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We had A LOT of unique flavors to try! This is dairy ice cream with no hormones and antibiotics.
No filter.

I promise you can eat like this while on the Earth Diet and maintaining a thriving healthy and natural lifestyle! Of course I recommend you eating majority plants to keep a great balance, so you can order a nice big salad here too. This place really is the place for people who love to enjoy burgers, wings, beer and ice cream in their lifestyle; but want that upgrade of a restaurant using healthier ingredients! There is obviously less guilt attached to eating at a healthy but cool place like this!  This place is heaven on earth for people like us! A must stop when in Denver, Colorado!  

This is their Tuna Burger
No filter.

Tip: How to Eat Burgers for a Healthy Life
Pick and choose when to eat burgers and if you cannot source an organic burger OR clean ingredients to make them yourself, do NOT eat junk food burgers. I refuse too. It's got to be organic free range hormone free antibiotic free burgers - or none at all for me. I save my burger eating time for when I can really enjoy it in style ;) So if you are going to eat burgers, just make sure it is free range and organic = UPGRADE! 

Second tip: Drink a nice big glass of Lemon Water after your burger feast to help with digestion. 

I will be back at 5280 Burger Bar next April 2015 on my book tour! If you are in the area stop by and say hi and enjoy some good tucker with me! I will be giving a 90 minute presentation at the Hay House I Can Do It Event in Denver and would love to see you there!!! Having places like 5280 Burger Bar to eat absolutely makes living a healthy lifestyle easier! I am so grateful to find sanctuaries like this in the world, and to be able to share them with you! When you hit up these places tag me on Instagram @lianawernergray @theearthdiet and hashtag #EarthDiet #TheEarthDiet and #Liana Would love to see you feasting on all this organic too!  

Here's how you can connect with 5280 Burger Bar: 
Location address: Located in the heart of downtown Denver on the first floor of the Denver Pavillions off Glenarm and 16th streets. 500 16th street, Denver, CO 80202
Phone number:303 825 1020

Ask for waitress Jamie, she's a fun time if you like to do shots!!! And ask Jessica what fresh ice cream she spun on the day! Enjoy guys!

So proud of their burger! With owner Don and Head Chef Daniel! Well done guys!
Thank you for creating an excellent atmosphere for a fun time eating our favorite flavors - guilt free!

We are grateful - this is such a positive and exciting step in the right direction for a more sustainable and healthy earth!

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