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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How I come up with my recipes!

Hi friends!

I have been asked how I can come up with so many recipes! To date I have made hundreds of original recipes that I share on The Earth Diet website! Honestly, it comes naturally for me. Remember that my mother is a gardener and my father a chef, so I have those genes which sure are helpful! I basically make up recipes for whatever foods and drinks I am craving! I just use the cleanest ingredients possible to make up the recipe.

I have thousands more ideas, and it's just a matter of time when I can make them! This is one reason I started sharing one brand new recipe everyday on the website as the "Daily Recipe" #DailyRecipe So that in a few years there will literally be a library of recipes on the website for you too choose from.

My recipes certainly have improved. Years ago critics said my recipes were not formulated properly, as I would just make something and then tell you to 'add this and that' without giving proper measurements! Now my recipes are so organized and well explained, and constantly improving. My total time also includes preparation. Most of my recipes are made under 30 minutes, and a lot of them under 10 minutes. Most of my recipes are ridiculously simple!

Last year, according to Facebook alone my recipes got over 126,000 shares! On Sunday I posted a new recipe that I was really excited about, I dreamt about this recipe, and then I drew it on paper...

The first design of the Raw Strawberry Cashew Cheesecake
And then I made it! I shared it to facebook and I knew that people would love it, some recipes are hits and some just aren't. This recipe got over 5,000 shares in 48 hours!

You can get the recipe at this link:

A recipe has star qualities if: 
1. It is completely natural - using whole ingredients
2. Is dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free, chemical free, preservative free
3. Is lush and delicious, as well as providing the body with nutrition!
4. Can aid weight loss or help maintain excellent health
5. Made in 30 minutes or less and extremely simple

So that is how I come up with my recipes! My body has a craving for something, or I get a light bulb idea, I often draw them, then I get the ingredients and make them.

From everything I have done in my life, the thing I am most proud about myself are my recipes. My recipes have not only saved my life, helped me heal a tumor the size of a golf ball and also break my addiction to binge eating on junk food, but have also helped thousands of other people around the world! It is great that we are living in an age where we can enjoy our favorite foods while they also provide us with nutrition.

Here is my next design that I will make this week:

Yum very excited about this one also!
I would really love to see your recipes too! If you have a recipe you want to show off and share with the world email them to me at It is all about working together as a team and sharing health! #ShareHealth

245 days to my new book launch!

Love Liana

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