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Monday, June 25, 2012

ALIVE is HAPPENING... in a different kind of way!

Hey guys this week has been a massive learning experience, intense, emotional, up and down, ALOT of good has come out of this but it's also so draining :-/ interesting experience

There are 2 things you can do if you purchased tickets to the event: (my video)
For all of you who purchased tickets to ALIVE New York... the good news is below... you will still receive the information that would have been at the event. :) woohoooo

For all of you who purchased The Earth Diet book, the launch was intended to be at this event, but will now OFFICIALLY LAUNCH August 1st. Everyone who per-ordered will receive an E-BOOK in their email on this day, and the hard copy book will be shipped to you Wednesday August 1st. If you live in USA you should receive the book by the end of the week. If you live in other parts of the world it could take up to 2 weeks to receive it. If you have further questions email me here: EVERYONE who pre-ordered a hard copy book will receive a FREE E-BOOK. You will receive this in your email in the next 2 weeks. For anyone who pre-orders in the month of July you will also receive a free e-book.

The good that has come out of the collapse of ALIVE is that it is bringing together the people WHO REALLY DO CARE about the health of humanity and who are willing to do whatever it takes to bring this information to the people. It is exposing the ones who have 'other' intentions and who are more looking to make money off this industry, like Joshua and Anna Scurry. A lot of articles have been posted on them in the past week, alot of people are coming forth explaining their story, how much money they also gave to them and how corrupt their actions were.

Here are some:

It is heartbreaking that some people can be so sick and twisted but this is the world we live in :-/ I still believe at core we are all innately good but we get to CHOOSE everyday our actions, and once we make actions that is it, the decision has been made. We make actions from FEAR & GREED & MONEY then we will eventually have to pay for it later.

The GOOD that has come from this is this...

Mike Adams of Natural News is hosting a FREE STREAMING EVENT online for ANYONE TO LISTEN TO. Here is the info:

The following is from the website of .......

The event is 100% FREE, commercial-free, no tickets needed and no registration needed.

The NaturalNews FREE Healing Summit will feature many of the top speakers and personalities who were previously associated with the ALIVE New York event, including:

• Dr. Leonard Coldwell
• Robert Scott Bell, radio host and homeopathy expert
• Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, on Spiritual Healing
• Anthony Gucciardi of Natural Society
• Dr. Ed Group of Global Healing Center
• Jon Rappoport
• Liam Scheff
... and many more.

We are also *inviting* as of right now the following people to participate, although because of the extremely short notice, we only expect perhaps a 50% participation rate of the following people:

• Kevin Gianni
• Charlotte Gerson
• Dr. Judy Seeger
• G. Edward Griffin
• Dr. Hyla Cass
• Dr. Len Saputo
• Dr. Carolyn Dean
• Dr. Gabriel Cousens
• Dr. Nicholas Gonzales
• Dr. Joseph Mercola
• Pharmacist Ben Fuchs
• Dana Ullman
• Daniel Vitalis
• Jeffrey Smith

... and others we are adding to this list as we develop this event.
50,000+ listeners expected
The event will be broadcast on NaturalNews Radio (, beginning at 11 am Pacific time / 2 pm Eastern on Friday, June 29th. It will rebroadcast all Friday night and all day Saturday the 30th as well as Sunday July 1st.

Mark your calendar! No registration is needed. No tickets needed. Just mark your calendar and listen in to learn about natural health and powerful healing.

You can listen in for FREE via PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. There are no registrations required, no fees, and no ads. The entire event is commercial-free. Speakers will be encouraged to mention their own websites or books and such, but there are no outright commercials during the event.

WHY are we doing this?

Because a huge void was just created in the wake of another event that was to take place on June 29th and 30th. Readers and speakers contacted us, encouraging us to help fill the void. But whatever we did had to be 100% FREE, and not based on greed, or money, or movie stars, or red carpets or any other distractions.

Just 100% authentic, FREE healing information from trusted sources.

So we said YES.

We are footing the entire bill of this event, and even upgrading our steaming capacity to handle the expected surge in audience listeners. Everyone is donating their time to this. Nobody earns a dime, but we ALL benefit from coming together, with integrity, to share a message of health and healing.

And isn't that what this industry is really about anyway?

Join us this Friday at
I will also be online speaking about The Earth Diet, healing dis-ease and MAKING RECIPES using ONLY ingredients that earth provides naturally :) I will be sharing what I would have at ALIVE New York.

Lots of love to you ALL
Liana :)

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