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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hey guys,

I am here to blow the whistle on what is RIGHT and what is NOT with ALIVE New York!

I am no longer part of ALIVE. I want no association with it whatsoever. 

The following is based on my personal experience and opinions.

I began ALIVE with a dream of seeing the people on this planet MORE healthy than not. There are 7 billion of us here, and the majority of people are sick, have cancer or dis-ease and depression. I know from my own experience that sickness and cancer can be self healed, and a beautiful life can be lived where we feel GOOD most of the time, and feel bad LESS OF THE TIME!

My intention with ALIVE New York was to gather the World's most influential and inspiring leaders in one place to share stories of health, hope, healing and new natural treatments AND proper nourishment through nutrition. I teamed up with Joshua and Anna Scurry who at the time I thought had the same intention.

It turns out not.... the last few days I have received emails and phone calls from people, speakers and sponsors who heard 'bad' things about ALIVE and about the intent of Joshua and Anna Scurry. I was blind to it all until a few days ago when it all unraveled. It turns out they have been stealing money, including my own which I invested ALOT into this and have been making decisions based off greed and fear. Their decisions have upset ALOT of people, I believe they were in this to make money. They did alot of things behind my back even though we had an agreement to be the 3 decision makers of the event to keep it pure and UN-corrupt! Now it is a mess and they thought they could get away with their greed based decisions and actions!

I am absolutely heartbroken, I spent my own money, put energy and time into this EVERY SINGLE DAY for over 14 months and the event was meant to happen in 8 days. Yesterday at the production meeting I saw how 2 human beings (Josh and Anna) could lie with straight faces and it was shocking. They were disgusting and many witnesses were there to see it. I knew then this event was not able to be saved, and I cannot attach myself to something that does not have the pure intent for helping people. ALIVE New York is now in the hands of the WRONG PEOPLE.

I apologize to all the people who purchased tickets because of me promoting and being part of the event. If you did, send me an email and I will send you a FREE E-BOOK copy of The Earth Diet. I now have a lot of cleaning up to do, and apologizing to alot of people who were excited for this event to happen.

I know from this experience I will never sell out, I cannot. It is not in my nature, it is not who I am. It is not about the money to me, it never has been. When I did "Miss Earth Australia" beauty pageant I did not ride in the HUMMER'S that picked the girls up for a city ride, because I do not want to be part of sending the wrong message to people and I do not want to encourage people to ride in hummers! I would prefer to encourage people to JUICE EVERYDAY!

Here is my video about this:

Lots of love to you guys, one thing is for sure is that if you follow money and greed EVENTUALLY it will catch up to you, you will be found out. When you do things from love and pure intent you are rewarded. We really need to intervene here people, the planet is in crisis mode, we have to ACT for it to be a healthy place. Too many people are dying of sickness, my friends Wife died a few days ago from a completely unexpected heart attack! My friends new born baby was born with a tumour a couple of weeks ago! It is unnatural to feel bad and have dis-ease!!! We know it is unnatural because it doesn't feel good, and when we feel bad all we want is to feel good again and feel peace and love.

ALWAYS STAY TRUE TO YOU!!! One thing you can count on me for is to never sell out, I will always remain true and loyal to the mission of health for humanity. If you want to be healthy and live a full life you can and will and I am here to share that!

I should also add that I am not perfect and of course I make mistakes probably everyday too without even knowing it, but I do know how to stay true to myself, and always will. I will never sell out on you guys, and because if I do that I am also selling out on myself. We are all connected and all in this together. Lets enjoy planet earth and appreciate being ALIVE and being able to breathe right now in this moment!

Lots of love


  1. I am so sorry this wonderful event was hijacked by dishonesty. I do thank you for your honor, dedication to health and willingness to do something to change the course of "sickness" in our society.

  2. There is a hellish planet for cheaters ,
    where they get repeatedly thrown off a 800 +
    miles cliff ...

    Read all about it by searching " Avicimat "
    ( i.e. " Waterless " ) , that's the name of
    the planet ...

    There are another 27 hellish planets besides
    that one , for other types of scum , that's
    to be gleened from the "Srimad-Bhagavatam"
    5th Canto ch26 ...

    P.S. There ain't no free lunch !!!

  3. good on you liana - so glad you were honest and let us know exactly what happened. I know for a fact you will create another event that will be brighter & better - and I can't wait to see what you create :) xx

  4. You are absolutely incredible human being Lee who really wish this planet fully alive with her pure heart free from greed, fear, materialistic things !! This world will surely be going to be healthy becoz of people like u !! I m start loving you more !! Lots of <3<3<3<3<3 to you !!

  5. This has been the problem with many eco green movements these past years, it's mostly marketing and when people have revealed to them what you've shed light on it's discouraging. But know that you've done the right thing-

    Thanks , Kevin


  6. Kris Martin - Albany, West AustraliaJune 22, 2012 at 8:25 PM

    Liana, when we do things from the heart we do them from love for others, for neither profit nor recognition. I feel your hurt at this betrayal, but stumbling over rocks only makes the smoother road more enjoyable. These people have exposed themselves as all sociopaths eventually do. At least you've gained another reader (via the Health Ranger) - your blog is another step on the path I'm taking. Thank you for your strength and courage, it will be an inspiration to many.

  7. I really respect your courage and tenacity.
    It is disheartening ,how some people cannot see the truth,and are just blinded by fear and greed....

    I had a similar experience as you did,I am also heartbroken!!

  8. I had a very similar experience as you and I am also heartbroken! I admire your courage and tenacity to do the right thing !!

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