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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For Meat Eaters -the healthiest way to eat meat

How can I incorporate more meat into my diet without absorbing more chemicals?
Rotate sources of protein to minimize over exposing yourself to pesticides, anti-biotics, heavy metals or any drug residue that may have been given to the animal.

Deep water fish accumulates higher levels of mercury including Swordfish, Shark and Tuna. Smaller fish have shorter life spans and accumulate less levels of mercury. The fish containing the highest amounts of mercury are from the inland waters of the US Midwest and the state of Florida. Many fish fresh of the boat these days have mercury levels so high that health experts consider eating them once a week is dangerous for good health. Make sure you have a strong and healthy immune system before eating them!

When you cook the fish grill or broil to allow the juices to come out which releases the heavy metals. Also trim the fat off the fish as heavy metals are stored in fat.

Avoid farm raised fish. Avoid fresh water fish unless it comes from high mountain lakes and streams that are away from commercial enterprises. 

Why are processed and cured meats considered ‘bad’?
When you read the ingredients list of cured fish, bacon, ham, beef jerky, salami, sausages, bologna, frankfurters, deviled ham, meat spreads, potted meats, spiced ham, smoked fish products or package lunch meats you’ll find words that may be challenging to pronounce, they may look like a foreign language. These usually include nitrites or nitrates and are used as a color fixative to give meats a blood red color to appeal more to the eye and palate. Both additives have been found to cause cancer and tumors in test animals. The Safe Shoppers Bible reported that children who ate hot dogs cured with nitrite a dozen or more times monthly have a risk of leukemia ten times higher than normal. And children born to mothers who consume hot dogs once or more weekly during pregnancy are twice as likely to have childhood brain tumors.
Germany banned nitrites and nitrates in 1997.

Why should I only eat Organic and Free Range eggs?
They are far more nutritious and are free or pesticides, hormones and anti-biotics. Free range animals are free to roam, get exercise and eat what they were designed to eat – grass.

Is meat fat good for me?
Yes, the fat from Organic and Free range meat is a great protein source for our bodies. If the meat is non-organic then avoiding eating the fat is a good idea since all heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and anti-biotics are stored there. 

With love always... and some peace ;) Liana 

Resources include only highly respected health professionals that all have the same intention for global human health rather than for profit. These people included Paul Chek, Dr Martin, The Safe Shopper’s Bible, Harvard Medical School, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Kevin Trudeau and findings that I have come to find true and authentic since I began The Earth Diet lifestyle.
–Liana Werner-Gray

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