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Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 365! My challenge is complete!

Photo by Roxana Ireland!

Creating The Earth diet was a declaration to my self that I would eat only foods that provided me with nutritional value provided naturally from the earth for 365 days.

Why I started: To empower myself and others in choosing what we put in our mouths. I was certain that I wanted to be healthy and eat only healthy foods and then I would slip up and pig out on junk food. It happened so quickly and then all of a sudden I felt tired, sluggish and low. I was keeping the very thing I despised about myself alive by repeating this behaviour over and over again. I had enough of this and wanted to break the vicious cycle and so created something that would become bigger than me - The Earth Diet.

Inspiration: You. The readers holding me accountable of completing the challenge!

What I got from The Earth diet challenge:

  • Free of guilt. Previous to The Earth diet I had a habit of eating foods and feeling guilty about it after wards. Insane. I thought if I changed what I ate perhaps I wouldn't feel guilty. And I didn't for a while. And then it came back and I learned that if I didn't tackle or recognize the structure in my mind for what it is then I would always believe that the answer to solving this question lies in the realm of content - or my escape to food.

  • Free of bingeing. I would binge on junk food knowing it provided me with no nutrtional value what so ever. This is an example of my mind having me, instead of me having it. The little voice would talk, I would identify with it and do the action it called for.
  • I learned to be present in a state of acceptance.

  • I learned that anything is possible with health and that an abundance of health is always available to me, and everyone!

  • I gave up sugar, soy, dairy, and eating any foods with chemicals, preservatives or any artificial lab created product!
  • I learned to eat foods to live, only to provide my body with nutrition and to support it's existence.

  • This commitment to my health showed up in all areas of my life, in relationships, in career, in fiances. I experienced being my word and a unstoppable force.
  • I learned not to eat to escape, as there is no escape in food, just illusion.
  • I learned that nothing out there will ever satisfy me except temporarily and superficially, and that I needed to experience many disappointments and sluggish experiences before I realized that truth.

  • Weight dropped effortlessly.

  • I chose my body fully and enjoyed being in my own body instead of wanting to get elsewhere, instead of wanting to be in someone else's body

  • I learned the earth really does really provide us with everything we need

  • Previously I thought I would 'someday' get the ideal health and body I wanted. I learned that it is here and now.

  • I experienced more energy than I ever had physically and mentally

  • Cellulite disappeared

  • I also learned natural alternatives for skin care like coconut oil for moisturizer, bentonite clay for face masks and removing toxins like cellulite, lemon for deodorant and more!

  • Previous to The Earth diet I was obsessed with food, consumed by it, thinking about it, focusing on it. After eating foods that the earth naturally provides for a year I learned to trust them, allow the foods to do their job in my body and I was left with more energy to put in other areas of my life.

  • I shifted my body from acidic to alkaline - a state in which no illness or disease can survive.

  • I learned how to simplify my lifestyle and to live a sustainable life one earth

  • I created The Earth diet brand - making raw & organic foods that are now available at Big Al's Family Fitness and Farmers Markets in New York.

  • Excited that I can eat chocolate every day - real & authentic chocolate that is!

  • I learned how to make my own real chocolate from the cacao bean! Sugar free, dairy free, soy free, artificial anything free!

  • That is is simple to live a chemical free lifestyle

  • My skin became the clearest and smoothest it has ever been

  • My body naturally craved fruits instead of artificial sugars

  • It became easy and was no longer a challenge to not eat the fast food, the chocolate and sweets that I did previously

  • That I do not miss eating junk foods, and the artificial sugars I ate previously, especially the sluggish feeling after eating them!

  • I learned how to make natural alternatives to my favourite foods like pizza, chips, sweets, chocolate, ice cream, cheese cakes & pasta! (Recipes here)

  • I learned how to create my own recipes which I share with you guys on the website.

    What now?
  • The Earth diet continues to grow and expand. Other people from across the globe have also taken on the challenge for themselves and every 9 days we offer a community challenge for anyone to join that comes with weekly recipe plans where you choose your meals from many options. Everyone can participate - meat lovers, sweet lovers, vegans, vegetarians, fruitarians.

  • The Earth diet blog will continue - with posting blogs of requests from the community. To request a blog click here.

  • I will continue with The Earth diet as it is no longer a challenge for me, but a way of being, a lifestyle transformation that I don't even consider nor like the idea of going back to my previous eating habits.

  • The Earth diet chocolate balls, raw lasagna, raw zucchini pasta pesto & more are available in New York at Big Al's Family Fitness, The Farmers Markets and through distributor 'Health By Nature' call 516 353 1993.

  • I will host more Raw food & chocolate ball demonstrations in New York & Australia.

  • The Earth diet book is in the process of completion which will be a guide to eating foods naturally provided by the earth in today's world. It will also contain all recipes, including & cleansing and detoxifying recipes.

  • The Earth diet website will constantly be updated with new information & events

  • Meet the Earth diet team - I will introduce you to the people who are behind The Earth diet!
Your next Earth Diet Challenge begins today Thursday 11th of November!

Quotes: Choose your thoughts carefully ... you are a masterpiece of your life.

What I Ate Today:

Meal 1: A water with a squeeze of lemon.

Meal 2: A beet (beetroot), carrot, celery & ginger juice.

Meal 3: Some pineapple.

Meal 4: Rice and beans :) Created with red onion, green pepper, pinto beans, brown rice, tomatoes, cumin, chili, coriander (cilantro), avocado & lime!

Meal 5: An avocado with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of hemp seeds :)

Meal 6: Raw Chocolate Brownie with almond butter :) Created with almonds, walnuts, cacao powder, coconut oil, dates & vanilla.

Meal 7: A raw taco! With some rice & beans as filling left over from lunch. Created with flaxsees, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic, avocado, lime, tomato, cashews, pine nuts, & fresh herbs!

Recipe: Recipes will be published in The Earth diet book are available free on The Earth Diet website www.TheEarthDiet.Org

Exercise: A 1 hour workout at Big Al's Family Fitness! And a stretch in the sauna :)

Days left: Complete!


  1. Congrats, Dear One ... for setting an example worthy of emulation, for confronting addiction and transmuting it into life-affirming action and for your dedication to the Health and wellness of ALL!

    Gratefully inspired ~

    Stacey Robyn

  2. With your food and you 'cooking for me', I just might give it a try too! Loved that special pesto dish you made. I almost felt like I was cheating when I had cooked food afterwards.

  3. I changed my eating habits a few weeks ago and I want to try the Earth Diet in the future anyway but I am curious - how bad was your cellulite before? If it would make mine disappear I guess I would start today :-D
    Btw I love reading this - it is so inspiring!