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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 293

Thoughts: Is there a monster in your gut?

Do you experience 'brain fog', hay fever, weight gain, infections, constipation, acne, depression, thrush, fatigue, bloating, cravings for sweets, alcohol, breads, pastries, chocolate, sugar, lollies (candy), fast foods? Are you still hungry even after you have just eaten. And in addition to physical discomfort, you feel cranky and irritable? Is there a little voice that says "I want chocolate now!" or "Just one more".

Most people are unaware that it even exists, because most main stream doctors are uneducated about its impact on our health. People suffering from these symptoms often go from doctor to doctor for years and are usually told they are a hypochondriac or that it is stress or a psychiatric problem, before ever discovering the real culprit.

Some call this monster 'Candida'. Candida is a genus of yeasts. Many species of this genus are endosymbionts of animal hosts including humans. Candida species have the potential to cause disease. Candida is the fungus that causes vaginal yeast infections and thrush.

Candida Albicans is a yeast that occurs naturally in the human body. Normally it lives in harmony with a variety of other microorganisms and actually performs a couple important functions. The problem occurs when something upsets the balance of bacteria in the body and this allows the yeast organism to proliferate and take over all the healthy microorganisms.

Candida overgrowth can cause various health problems, from fatigue to weight gain. Overgrowth of intestinal candida albicans, spread yeast to other parts of the body via the digestive tract and bloodstream.

Type "Candida Infection" into google and check out the perhaps perturbing images of people with candida overgrowth in different parts of their body.

It normally resides in the intestinal tract, mouth, throat and genitals, however it can burrow holes in the intestinal tract, enter the blood stream and then make it's way into any organ of the body. To make matters worse it emits over 70 different toxins into the body. Some people may even become allergic to the yeast itself.

Once this hardy organism proliferates in the body, it wrecks havoc in many ways and is the initiator of many common maladies, conditions, syndromes and illnesses in our population.

Some of the most frequent Candida symptoms are:

* abdominal gas and bloating

* headaches

* migraines

* excessive fatigue

* cravings for alcohol

* anxiety

* vaginitis

* rectal itching

* cravings for sweets

* inability to think clearly or concentrate

* hyperactivity

* mood swings

* diarrhea

* constipation

* hyperactivity

* itching

* acne

* eczema

* depression

* sinus inflammation

* pre-menstrual syndrome

* dizziness

* poor memory

* persistent cough

* earaches

* low sex drive

* muscle weakness

* irritability

* learning difficulties

* sensitivity to fragrances and/or other chemicals

* cognitive impairment

* thrush

* athlete's foot

* sore throat

* indigestion

* acid reflux

* chronic pain

One of the most well known forms of yeast is the vaginal yeast infection. However, it may play a role in just about any mental health condition or chronic illness you can think of. Yeast overgrowth is considered to be a leading contributor in alcoholism, anxiety disorders, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, addisons disease, mcs - multiple chemical sensitivities, crohns, autism, cfs - chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, pms, endometriosis,fms - fibromyalgia syndrome, prostatitis, attention deficit disorder, multiple sclerosis, asthma, food allergies, muscle and joint pain, clinical depression, repeated urinary tract infections, hormonal imbalances, migraines, digestive disturbances, difficult menopause psoriasis, lupus, chronic pain, tourette's, vulvodynia, rheumatoid arthritis and many more.

Men may like to read the Candida symptoms in males section for additional information about some of the unique aspects that apply to them.

Candida symptoms can vary from one person to another and often move back and forth between systems within the same individual. One day you may experience symptoms in the musculoskeletal system and the next day it could be the digestive system ,etc.

There are a variety of causes of candida, but the two leading contributors are a diet high in sugar and refined foods and the overuse of antibiotics. The rise of yeast infections also parallels the rise in the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are known to promote GI candida overgrowth, and even penetration of the GI mucosa.

A diet high in sugar is a haven for yeast. It's crucial to eliminate sugars and refined foods to reduce overgrowth. Initially even fruits and high carbohydrate foods may need to be eliminated and then reintroduced to the diet later as you get better. Some meat, eggs and raw foods like low carbohydrate vegetables are what is best to stick with and a small amount of nuts, seeds and low sugar fruit.

Most people with yeast overgrowth are also suffering from nutritional deficiencies.

Some of the most effective and popular natural health approaches used in the treatment of Candida symptoms include colonics. Use of a good colon cleanse are helpful in eradicating or reducing symptoms. Good colon health is crucial for reducing yeast overgrowth.

A colonic is also known as colon cleansing (colon therapy), enema, and encompasses a alternative medical therapy intended to remove fecal waste and unidentified toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. I say there is no point in eating healthy foods if we have a dirty bowel, because all of our nutrients and vitamins are absorbed in the intestine, and if our intestine wall is covered with muck (years and years of accumulated toxins build up) then nothing is being absorbed.

Why Do We Need Colon Cleansing
Every organ, gland and cell in the human body are affected by the health of the colon. The colon is more than five feet long, and is connected to every part of the body through nerve endings. So when problems occur in the colon, symptoms can be exhibited in areas that seem entirely unrelated.

The bowel removes toxins that are found throughout your body including the intestines, blood and your lymph system. It works in conjunction with your lungs, liver, skin, and kidneys.

I go to The Balance Health and Wellness Center where Carrie the colon therapist explains how if the colon does not expel the wastes and toxins it collects, fecal matter can accumulate in the pockets of the colon or along the colon wall.

When elimination is not occurring regularly, this debris can sit for weeks or months and result in an irritated colon that produces a spastic or inflamed colon.

If the fecal material continues to sit inside the colon then decay begins. Decaying fecal matter produces toxins and harmful gasses that can be absorbed into the blood stream then get transported though the entire body and poison other organs and tissue.

This can lead to a variety of detrimental effects to our mental and physical health ranging anywhere from acne or depression to serious autoimmune diseases.

When the bowel is congested we can't absorb essential nutrients, vitamins are not processed or synthesized properly. Toxins flow back into the body and the lymphatic system becomes congested. The liver can't function adequately. All organs and systems are overburdened. Cleansing the colon, removes this fecal matter and the build up of toxins.

Therefore, cleansing the colon, cleanses the whole body and helps all organs and systems to work more efficiently.

Many people find benefits from colon cleansing ranging anywhere from a reduction in symptoms to a complete cure of their particular health condition.

Other people have used cleaning the colon as a way to eliminate parasites, Candida, lose weight, increase energy and even clear up acne.

The colon can be cleansed quickly and efficiently with an enema or a colonic and provides immediate relief for some health problems, like Candida symptoms, overload of toxins or sluggish liver.

An colonic removes the old, dried up, fecal matter that has built up on the walls and pockets of the colon very fast. This permits your system to eliminate the accumulation of toxins fast. It also removes Candida and any other bacteria that may be residing within contributing to symptoms.

Where can I get a colonic?
If you live in New York visit The Balance Health and Wellness Center for more information and treatments. They also offer acupuncture combined with colonics, so you can receive a acupuncture session before your colonic which releases the trigger points, tension and stress in your body, so that you can let go and dump the waste in your bowels freely and explosively! If you do not live in New York then google search a colon therapist in your area (or move to New York! Hehe)

The Balance Health and Wellness center also offer Chinese Herbal Prescriptions, Hot Stone Massage, Ear Candling, Ear Stapling, Facial rejuvenation, massage therapy, Acoustic Wave Therapy, Moxibustion, Reflexology, Cupping, Skin Care, Ultra Violet Heat Therapy, Electric Stimulation, Tuning Fork Therapy, Qi Gong, Bio-feedback. Hypnotherapy, Drug/Alcohol Detoxification treatments and more :) All things to keep your body in align with abundant health!

Some other effective and popular natural health approaches used in the treatment of Candida symptoms include oxygen based products like food grade hydrogen peroxide, caprylic acid, oregano oil, garlic, taheebo tea, grapefruit seed extract and colloidal silver.
Also avoid antibiotics, birth control, and foods that are high in sugar or yeast, ostensibly to eliminate excess yeast in the body.

Candida is really an insidious, tricky yeast and once you have overgrowth it can be extremely difficult to get under control. It takes a lot of patience, education and persistence. I know this all to well, as I have faced this struggle myself for many years.

Do You Have Candida?

The Balance Health And Wellness Center
No-Hype Holistic Health Solutions with Cynthia Perkins, M.ED

Quotes: The greatest gift to others is to freely relinquish yourself. -Bodidharma

What I Ate Today:

Meal 1: A grapefruit and orange juice :)

Meal 2: A sweet organic nectarine.

Meal 3: Raw Pumpkin Soup. Created with Pumpkin, Onion, Garlic, Herbs, and Curry Powder!

Meal 4: A avocado and walnuts.

Meal 5: Mexican Rice and Beans with avocado :) Created with ... Red onion, Green Pepper, Pinto Beans, Brown Rice, Tomato Paste, Cumin, Chilli, Coriander (Cilantro), avocado, lime!

Meal 6: Another nectarine.

Recipe: The recipe for Pumpkin Soup and Mexican Rice and Beans is available free on The Earth Diet website www.TheEarthDiet.Org

Exercise: A skateboard in the am and stretching in the pm :) Also did some yoga and meditation breathing mmm.

72 days to go!!!

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