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Friday, April 19, 2013

3 TIPS for BEAUTY from the INSIDE OUT!


Here is a snap shot of my trip to the Inside Out Beauty Bar in New York.....!

Liana Werner-Gray Author of The Earth Diet with Health Siegel Owner of The Inside Out Beauty Bar

I was able to sit down with Heather, one of the Owners and speak about 3 TIPS for BEAUTY, from the INSIDE OUT! We each suggested 3 tips each, that we LIVE BY! 

Check it out...

1. Juice DAILY for cellular nutrition
2. If you can't eat it don't put it on your skin!
3. Eat whole organic earth foods - get The Earth Diet book and eat!
1. Drink Water - HYDRATE
2. Get OMEGA 3'S
3. Use non-toxic skin care and makeup!

Check out Heathers blog at for more tips!

For RECIPES for the skin visit


Here is how my day went... I started the day with an organic smoothie. They have the same menu as Organic Corner as they share owners. Perfect. 

This is why I was so excited to visit the Inside Out Beauty Bar: 

I have traveled the world to over 35 countries and have been to many salons, BUT this one is the healthiest salon I have experienced yet! Their values and standards are high and they hold integrity to bring us the cleanest healthiest options in the 'salon' world. 

It is worth making the trip to this Beauty Bar from no matter where you are in the world! When in New York... Let them know when you get there where you are from and they will make sure you get special treatment! My Swedish friends even got to visit! This is us from last year having fun!

Alice and Aisi from Sweden with Liana Werner-Gray.
This is what The Inside Out Beauty Bar have to offer us:

+ Facials using Organic Natural Plant Based Products
+ Organic Smoothies
+ Organic Skin Care
+ Organic Make Up
+ Much more organic products

And get this, right next door, the same owners run "Who Does Your Hair Salon" and they offer:

+ Organic Hair Dyes
+ Organic Shampoo and Conditioners 
+ Animal Cruelty Free Products
I treated myself to a facial! Sophia asked me 'When was the last time you had a facial?' I could not even remember to tell her! She taught me the importance of having regular facials, it is necessary to not only pamper ourselves and feel good, but to clean the skin and massage stress out of the face. Sophia said 'A facial is more than just a facial.' Oh she even massaged my arms! Luxury!

I know from when I create The Earth Diet Personalized Programs for people that they do not treat themselves to relaxation and massages anywhere near what we deserve! It is part of health! So I prescribe that in their one month program, a 30 day recipe guide of good whole organic foods and AT LEAST ONE MASSAGE/FACIAL per week! It makes a difference. Try it ;)

What do you think, do you need a doctor to prescribe you "One massage per week, and one facial per month." ??? What is better than feeling good?

I also got to bring in The Earth Diet Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups! The women loved it! The beauty bar is of course also available to men! Of course what we eat is a huge part in making us beautiful, and for us chocolate lovers, what better way to excite the body than chocolate we can feel guilt free about! The cups should also be available for sale soon here! 

The Earth Diet Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups & Almond Butter Cups are produced by Noah's Rock'n Raw Chocolates and are NOW AVAILABLE for order at

Ingredients of course are all ORGANIC and RAW (except for the peanut butter and almond butter fillings which are roasted!), they have no refined sugar and are sweetened by local NY honey, no dairy and no soy! Health food at its best!

After my facial Lisa did my makeup using organic light high performance make up. 

In Australia my choice is makeup is ADORN, and read about why HERE. I connected the CEO of ADORN with the Owners of Inside Out Beauty Bar so hopefully ADORN will be available here soon! Will keep you posted! 

After my hair, facial and makeup I had a photoshoot with Dean Foggel in NYC! This photo was taken in Times Square. It is promoting a FREE ONLINE GLOBAL TELECLASS that I am hosting next Monday 22nd of April 9pm EST! I am giving away one free VITAMIX, all you have to do is listen for the code word I give out and then email it to us within 48 hours! Register free here:

Photo by Dean Foggel NYC Times Square 

I ended the day with some PHRESH GREENS! This is also available here, as well as at Organic Corner. The Earth Diet readers receive 10% discount on the greens when using this link:

I felt so good about this day, I was nourished from the Inside Out, with chocolate, greens, smoothie, good clean products on my face and hair! Very grateful for the healthier options that are available to us all today!

If you are not able to make it to New York just yet, in the meantime, here is a recipe for an AVOCADO FACE MASK! 

Treat your skin! 

Enjoy, Love Liana


  1. Great tips! I think I need to buy this book. Thanks for sharing such a nice tips with people who wants to loss their weight effectively.

  2. you are very good an very amazing just like this blog....

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have already tried Green Tea and Yogurt but gotta try the others to see how effective they are. Healthy inside and out