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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 35 & 36 FOOD JOURNAL

DAY 35 & 36
Food Journal

In Costa Rica...

Enjoying my time here before heading back to New York next week. I am soaking up the sun, appreciating the ocean, surfing and fresh fruit! The past couple days I have been so immersed in nature and lost track of time and internet haha so here is my food journal for the past two days...

Yesterday I started the day with a fresh coconut found on the beach! Cracked it open (well a man and a machete did!) to find sweet coconut water and perfect white coconut NUT ! Delicious!

Went walking 4ks down the beach to find monkeys, private beaches, stunning views, rocks, trees mmm NATURE! Had a picnic of macadamia nuts and pistachio nuts (my two favorite nuts!) on the beach!

Had freshly squeezed orange juice!

Ate RED CURRY at night.

I am appreciating Costa Rica fully, the fresh air, the ocean, the waves to surf, the fresh fruit, the coconut that grows abundantly on the beach, the MASSIVE trees like this one to climb and enjoy, the SUNSHINE, the stillness... mmm earth.

Finished the day with surfing at sunset until dark!


Morning: Water with PHRESH GREENS (spinach, wheatgrass, kale) and mangosteen SUPEFOOD DRINK!

Next: 1/2 a pineapple! so fresh and sweet and lush :)

Next: avocado

Next: macadamia nuts

Next: fries! real potatoes cooked in olive oil.

Next: Freshly squeezed orange juice (6 oranges)

Next: sushi! salmon, rice, green tea.

I am definitely missing my luxuries from New York like Rockin Wellness daily, raw chocolate, The Earth Diet peanut butter cups! I have replaced them as much as possible with fresh fruits and orange juice! Back in New York next week!


We are sharing ONE NEW RECIPE EVERY SINGLE DAY for the month of JANUARY! Today we shared CHOCOLATE DIPPING SAUCE! Click on the image for the recipe! or HERE


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