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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Earth Diet BOOK finally AVAILABLE!!!

GAIN and MAINTAIN an unmovable love and respect for yourself and body! 
Pre-Order your copy of The Earth Diet book today! :)

Purchase a copy between now and next April 2012 and receive:
  1.  A signed copy of The Earth Diet book by founder Liana Werner-Gray
  2. Your name printed in the book! A special thanks and acknowledgment to YOU for being one of the first to purchase, support and focus on the ABUNDANCE of what earth has to offer! (Please know this is only available in the limited edition first print run if purchased between now and April 2012)
The Earth Diet BOOK will be released 
on June 15th at ALIVE New York 2012!

Electronic copies will be available from July 2012

About the book:

The Earth Diet was a concept created by Liana Werner-Gray in 2009 when she challenged herself to eat only foods from the earth for 365 days. She has put together this book that focuses on the abundance of what earth provides naturally "The Earth Diet". 

Your complete guide to living a life using only ingredients that earth provides naturally and experiencing the kind of abundantly healthy life this brings!

Included in the book are chapters on:
  • Transitioning to eating what nature intended
  • Weight Loss on TED
  • Weight and Muscle Gain on TED
  • RECIPES for every eater, the rawist, vegan, vegetarians, fruitarian, meat eater, seafood eater, sweet lover and more!
  • A Cleanse Challenge with day to day recipes suggestions
  • Reducing chemicals from the body
  • CHOCOLATE! Recipes to make your own chocolate!
  • A full recipe section dedicated to 'Junk Food' on TED and recipes to all of your favourites like pizza, pasta, cheesecake and more!
  • Rejuvenation, Removing toxins from the body and Detoxification
  • Juicing
  • A FULL list of foods naturally provided by Earth
  • Fasting
  • Learn about Alkaline Foods
  • Living free from processed foods
  • Raw Foods
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Feeling GOOD and giving yourself permission to live in an abundance of health
  • Relieve bloated belly forever!
  • Natural Cures and Self Healing any disease! Recipes and remedies included
  • Look good - with natural alternatives for face masks, deodorants, and moisturizers
  • Transformation
  • Have cravings, instead of cravings having you!
  • The Evolution of food
  • Eating Consciously 
  • Mono and seasonal eating
  • A new relationship with food and your self
  • “I want to BUT I can’t” self doubt and the power of YOU 

Do you have questions about The Earth Diet book? Email 

Love The Earth Diet team!

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