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Monday, November 21, 2011

3 ways to Do The Earth Diet...

 Hey guys!

This is what Sarah and I have been up to the past week doing The Earth Diet! Below are some of our video blogs :) And you can always check out our daily uploads at The Earth Diet YouTube Channel

We are loving it, transformation already! Feeling much lighter, happier, healthier and vibrant :) Loving the energy I get from eating ONLY foods naturally provided by earth :) FULLNESS :) If you ever want to do TED you can...

Here are 3 ways to do The Earth Diet:

  1. For free, begin now if you feel! Start to incorporate more earth foods into your lifestyle, including what you eat AND put ON your body! Just follow our blogs for suggestions for new recipes so you'll never get bored and variety is always flourishing!
  2. Download one of the TED programs online and stick it out for the entire duration to really feel the affects of an abundantly healthy lifestyle!
  3. Create a Personalized Program with one of us that is custom-made to suit you! We make it entirely to work for you including what your goals are, what kinds of foods to incorporate, natural cures, dessert everyday, detoxification and cleansing recipes, weight loss or gain recipes, natural skin care recipes, the amount of days we choose and so much more! :) This one is flexible designed only for you. Your health truly gets taken to the next level on a Personalized Program and we are there to be your support and mentors the entire time! :)

Join us! Start The Earth Diet today and feel better already! ;)

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