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Monday, November 9, 2015


You know I love visiting farms and being close to nature as much as possible. It’s a great way to ground ourselves and balance ourselves from the technology overload. A lot of people think farms are boring and so you will see from this blog that Maris Farms have captured a vibe of being one of the most fun filled, exciting and entertaining packed farms in the world!!! I was recently visiting Washington State USA and during a Halloween themed weekend I had the opportunity to visit Maris Farms! It is the Halloween month and so some willing friends gathered and decided we would go get frightened for the night at a Haunted Woods! Here we are, us willing participants with a sense of frightful anticipation for the unknown...

This farm meets nature with entertainment, an amazing healthy combination to fulfill our human playtimes.  I wanted to share this blog post with you because if you get a chance to visit this farm – DO! Right now during this Halloween season they have an epically fun adventurous “Haunted Woods” which is now a famous attraction, so known in fact that when we arrived people were lining up for 3 hours!! But it is well worth the wait for a Halloween fright treat! Entertainment value included brightly colored lights, dense heavy fogs, and wrenching screams from all angles. My first experience of actual live people jumping out and scaring you during a walk through was at Dream World on the Gold Coast in Australia, about 10 years ago and I remember thinking surely only people with strong hearts and good sense of humor could handle this type of attraction. Maris farms added theirs in 2003 which took the farm to “legendary status” claims the locals!  There are more than 35 sets and 50+ actor types inhabiting a 35-45 minute walk though trail. If you practice meditation you know how challenging it can be at times to focus and be in the present moment, well this trip through the haunted woods certainly forces you to be in-the-now! It is an extremely refreshing way to put yourself in the present moment. 

As you wait in line there is still entertainment value to help make the wait go quicker, including a live band, an 8-foot tall menacing clown and the cackles of an evil white-faced witch as she snakes her way through the crowd. 
TIP: Visit Maris Farms in the beginning of October when it’s quieter to avoid long lines. And don’t bring your kids at night, unless they are up for the adventure of being shocked and frightened. Bring the kids during the day as Maris farms is known as a family farm. It’s also known as Pierce County’s favorite family daytime destination! And it all started with a little pumpkin patch! If you love searching for pumpkins they have 8+ acres of beautiful pumpkin patch to choose from! Plus an added bonus is Mt Rainier is just majestically hanging out in the background, such a beautiful view. 

Photo from Christie Fierro Flikr
And who enjoys a maze? I for one am a major maze lover, especially when creative people use actual nature to create human sized mazes where we get to use our entire bodies rather than just our brains – the best kind of physical activity is when it’s a fun experience and we are really enjoying the movement!  Maris farms have a 5+ acre corn maze! 

For those seeking a farmish vibe visit there are also some Earth Diet food options, you can take a scenic hayride around the pumpkin patch and they even have an animal barn full of goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and pigs. Don’t ever say farms are boring! And especially this one, Maris farms have adrenaline-driven activities including live pig and duck races! Kids can enjoy a huge jumping pillow, that doesn’t exclude us playful adults too! My sister and I first jumped on giant pillows in New Zealand almost 8 years ago! Another great way to get a physical workout without being bored of the activity!  There are also zip lines at Maris Farms, mechanical bull riding for the game, large tube slides and a new activity ‘bubble soccer’. There is so much to do which includes the great outdoors, fresh air, and being connected with nature – you can imagine I was in heaven! 

TIP: Spend at least half the day at this farm! There is an activity for every age group and it’s affordable wholesome entertainment and fun.

Photos from

Quite a first impression for my first time to the farm, one I will remember indefinitely. Farms like these deserve to be acknowledged. Plan your visit to Maris Farms! Comment below if you have been to this farm or plan to go – I’ll share the excitement with ya!

I already can’t wait to go again next year!!!


Love Liana 

P.S Locally, Maris Farms has been featured in the Enumclaw/Bonney Lake/Sumner Courier Heralds, The (Tacoma) News Tribune, Seattle Times, Seattle PI, KOMO TV and KING 5’s Evening Magazine. Nationally, Maris Farms has had air time on National Public Radio and on….. and now THE EARTH DIET BLOG:p !!!

P.P.S For the maize seekers... Maris Farms is part of a larger organization known as The MAiZE , which has more than 250 mazes in the U.S., Canada, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom. Each MAiZE affiliate offers its own form of “agritainment” in its marketplace but the group shares ideas and advice in the areas of marketing/promotions, employee training, accounting, farming, maze cutting and several other areas necessary for a successful agritainment business. There is also instant name recognition and credibility connected to this organization. Since the introduction of its first location in 1996, MAiZE sites have drawn millions of visitors.  Making a name for itself, The MAiZE has attracted the attention of newspapers, television and radio stations across the country-among them: Paul Harvey News, CNN, USA Today, The Today Show, Progressive Farmer, Time, Newsweek, National Geographic and Family Circle.

I love farms that can attract people to check out that part of the Earth, unique and wherever it may be in the world!

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