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Friday, September 18, 2015

Sublime Health

Meaning of Sublime: of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.
Verb: elevate to a high degree of moral or spiritual purity or excellence.

The Earth Diet gives us access to achieving a high degree of spiritual purity as we treat the mind, body and soul. What does excellent health mean to you? To me it means achieving and then maintaing consistent health. Not the yo-yo binge cycle. I was trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction to junk foods for 5 years and it sucked; suffering is not fun. The best thing is we can end that destructive cycle in every moment, it may take 1,000 recommitment's but it's important to know it's possible. It starts with the awareness of focusing on what Earth provides naturally. 

Now that I have transformed my health, I am able to achieve health wherever I visit and travel too. There are healthy options everywhere when we are open to them. I was excited to hear that Sublime (American reggae/punk/ska band from Long Beach CA) were playing at a music festival at Marymoor in Washington State, where I happened to be on tour launching TigerNuts into WA and Oregon! 

When I found out that I would be attending the festival I called my go-to superfoods source Nutiva, and organized an epic superfood package to be sent to Sublime and Rome! It's important people nourish their bodies while on the road, especially musicians who are using a lot of energy and brain power. So Nutiva sent them coconut oil, hemp seeds and chia seeds. These are excellent healthy "fast foods" and I literally eat chia and hemp seeds by the spoonful! 

Chia Seeds an excellent source of protein and nourishes the digestive system. Good to heal and treat IBS,  bloating and other digestive issues. 

A clean plant based protein that is easily digestible! Same amount of protein as red meat.

Use coupon code: earthdiet when shopping at for 10% discount! 

I first met Sublime in 2012 at the Hemp Heals Music Festival in Philliy. This festival raised awareness on the benefits of hemp, and I'm not talking about the drug THC, but the plant that is sustainable as it produces multiple uses, one of them being clothing and another being one of the most nutrient rich high plant based protein we can digest! Here I am on stage with Christina Cooks (Christina Pirello) getting the audience pumped up about hemp! 

This year I was excited to meet them and here is Rome happy holding his Nutiva hemp seeds!

I wasn't sure of the healthy options at the festival, so googled to find out that Chipotle and Wholefoods were close by! I took my friend to them for the first time - it's always exciting to be in the presence of someone who is exploring these places for the first time. We had an epic wrap from Chipotle, and then visited Wholefoods for some goodies. I am so happy that TigerNuts have launched into all the Wholefood markets in WA! I got myself a Horchata - strawberry flavor! So delicious and refreshing. Many health benefits too including pre-biotic; great for gut health, and same amount of iron as red meat! 

I was so happy to see this Wholefoods carries The Earth Diet book, and had great placement top and center. I dedicated this book to "Everyone who want's to live a healthier life." And it's really for people who want to break addictions, make upgrades and even totally transform your life. 

We also grabbed a beet juice! Which makes a great mixer btw if you want to add potato vodka or tequila - the "cleanest spirits". May as well get some antioxidants while you drink alcohol. 
The Buddha Bruddah food truck was also there, which smelled of delicious fresh curry, pad thai and noodles. A healthier upgrade. 

I love being able to enjoy great music, while being immersed in the great outdoors, especially being able to pick a cosy spot on the ground - which is well quite grounding! Grounding is especially good for those of us who spend a lot of time inside, on the phone, computer or surrounded by 4 walls. Being in nature more has many benefits. 

It rained but Sublime played on. Dancing in the rain was refreshing. 

When I got home I enjoyed a nourishing TigerNut milk (dairy free & nut free). 

Love yourself enough to nourish your body everywhere! 

Love Liana