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Friday, January 20, 2012

Talk Fusion Studio UTC

Talk Fusion Studio UTC - Joshua and Anna Scurry




Monday, January 2, 2012


Hey guys!!!

It is the year 2012 woohoo.... if we are to measure in time and numbers.... ;)

Today is the 2nd of January :) I spent yesterday outside in the fresh air, in nature, riding down stream at "Ross and Lock" in Cairns, Australia! Here is a video I put together with my intentions for 2012...

I had a rough day today. I had not expected my day to be like this, it happened, and it happened that it is out of my control and involves family and some not nice happenings. So what can one do? Get through it, move forward, turn it into a lesson, I learned from this that the most important thing for me to do is to find and keep true inner peace and stillness, so that no matter what happens around me on the outside, that within I remain centered, loving, strong, peaceful, still and solid :) During today all I wanted to do was go and buy the biggest fattest block of chocolate and munch it down... but I didn't... I started the day with beet/beetroot juice, lemon water, a bentonite clay drink and some green tea :) Then later I was still craving processed foods, knowing very well that as soon as I would eat them they would give me a quick satisfaction and then quickly feel unfufilled but ate some sausage and lollies/candy ;-/ BUT I refuse to beat up on more!!! I will not inflict more self harm... it is a vicious cycle and self harm leads to more self harm. I am really seeing how unneccessary it is to entertain anger, darkness, negativity, bad emotions and negative thoughts about myself or others! I feel like we are at this time in humanity where we are to step up, and live in inner peace... if everyone had inner peace the world would not be in the way it is now! I see more and more people 'waking' up, 'awakening', becoming more connected within, more harmonious and dealing with past experiences. It is such a beautiful and perfect time for humanity. I truly love every single human on this planet! And all that exists :)  My intentions for 2012 is to set intentions, to be open, and willing, always willing to evolve and transform and create and maintain true inner peace.

Here are some of Sarah and I's videos from 2011... as we shift from a 'processed' lifestyle to a lifestyle that focuses on the ABUNDANCE of what earth provides naturally :) We are aiming to walk down the red carpet at ALIVE New York looking and feeling absolutely abundantly healthy!!! If your New Year's resolution is to be the healthiest you ever have check out our TED Programs at 

Love and peace guys :)
Love Liana