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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A new earth !!!

WOW! Welcome to a new earth!

I am seeing more and more wherever I go of smiling people, people giving thumbs up and peace signs, people relaxing and enjoying their blissful experience! People seeming like they are really enjoying being them, and they are perfect just the way YOU are. It is here and it is happening all around us :)

The more i think about it the crazier it gets! so i stop thinking and here it is, what is left is an absolutely fully blissful relaxed amazing pure energy state that feels so natural, so clear, so true that even nature and esepcially birds are responding differently to YOU! It feels all interconnected... everyone is related, every human part of the same source, perhaps a light source. Don't get hungup on words here, they are just WORDS we use to express something but what we are getting at here is that YOU are absolutely perfect just the way you are. It doesnt matter what has been in your past... feel back to when you were a child, that pure energy light adventurer where anything was possible and DREAMS existed and were so COOL!

Everything is perfect and where it should be at this point in time. Next time will be something else :) Things are always unfolding. EVERYDAY we can see a new sunrise and WOW the light it brings to each day! Soon absolutely every moment will feel blissful and perfect for EVERYONE. It will feel weird to feel bad or sad or depressed or angry ... it feels so much more natural to be light and love, peace, abundant, expansive and ever unfolding creators of what it TRULY is that we want! What you want is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Because it is YOU and you are absolutely perfect in every single way! you trust you and so does everyone else :)

Here's the SUNRISE from the morning of ONE DAY!!! I'm absolutely grateful that we were on top of this mountain this day with a CAMERA!!! haha ;) !

With love and peace infinite! :) Liana :)