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Monday, March 28, 2011

Natural Cures for Radiation Exposure

Natural cures for radiation exposure...

In physics radiation is a process in which energetic particles or energy or waves travel through a medium or space. Radiation can be harmful to organisms and can result in changes to the natural environment.

Radiation contamination is the uncontrolled distribution of radioactive material in a given environment.

You are exposed to higher doses of ionizing radiation if you take x-rays, cancer radiation therapy, if you live at high altitudes, if you fly in airplanes, work in a submarine, live near a coal burning plant, if you’ve worked in uranium mining, worked in weapons manufacturing, live near government radiation testing (Nevada, New Mexico), if you live near a nuclear plant and especially if you live near a nuclear plant leak or explosion, like the people in Japan are experiencing right now.

Ionizing radiation is energetic particles or waves that can ionize an atom or molecule and causes cellular damage. Radiation syndrome, radiation toxicity, radiation illness, radiation damage, radiation sickness and excessive radiation exposure can occur within several months of exposure to high amount of ionizing radiation that can kill the human body.

If we don’t clean our bodies of radiation eventually you we will succumb to symptoms of unexplained illness, fatigue, tumors, lethargy, excess bleeding, a weakened immune system, anemia, genetic damage, cataracts, cancer, leukemia, possibly having children with severe birth defects, blistering, reddening, permanent hair loss and more.

There are many natural cures one can do to support their body's healing processes after radiation damage.


• Foods from the ocean like kelp, spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae and seaweed which is loaded with iodine which daciltates the passage of nutrients into mitocghondria (body cells).
• Cilantro (aka Coriander) removes heavy metals from the blood stream.
• Garlic is a natural antibiotic.
• Rosemary is said to be one of the best herbs to protect against radiation poisoning.
• Miso soup – one of the main ingredients in miso is kelp, just make sure the soy is not genetically modified.
• Sunflower seeds contain pectin that cleanses the body from residual radiation.
• Buckwheat which has glucosides.
• Activated charcoal removes toxins and poisons from body (its kept in nearly all emergency rooms to help relive the effects of poisoning) it also lowers cholesterol.

Bentonite clay that binds radioactive particles and helps excrete them.
• Ginseng tea.
• Dandelion has detox abilities and also great for the liver.

• In Bentonite clay which is used by Russian nuclear workers before working with nuclear material as it absorbs radiation and removes heavy metals. Bentonite clay is available from our Earth Diet shop, direct link:
• Epsom salts generates body circulation.You can purchase epsom salts for a few dollars at a supermarket or pharmacy.

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With love, Liana.


  1. Thank you for your article!
    Where can I buy activated charcoal in USA?
    Does the fact, that garlic is natural antibiotic, means it help remove radiation from the body, or just lists its additional useful characteristic?

  2. thank you for this article
    i just want to ask that is it ok for a thyroid patient to do treadmill and to do exercises ?? bco when ever i do my throught gets tight and it starts paining.